Elderberries and coronavirus: Natural way to boost immunity, fight illnesses making comeback in Valley

It has been a medicinal remedy for generations and now with the rampant outbreak of COVID-19, elderberry and its natural way of fighting off the cold and flu is back in the spotlight and seems to be getting more attention across Arizona.

"Naturally, I'm always busy during this time of year. Now with the coronavirus, it's been insane," Bridjett Gollehon said. "We had lines wrapped around the whole market. We sold out in 30 minutes on Saturday."

Arizona Elderberry Shoppe owner, Bridjett Gollehon, says her business is booming since the virus has spread.

"A lot of people don't want to get out -- they're in Arizona -- so they're just purchasing on my Facebook shop and having it shipped," she said. "In the past 48 hours, we have had 200 orders in our shop, so we've been pumping them out as we can."

But what's all the buzz about a berry that's been around for ages? Well, some studies have shown it's three simple ingredients make for an all-natural, organic supplement that can combat symptoms of influenza.

"You take it once a day for immune support during an active illness. It's also an anti-inflammatory that relieves major cold and flu systems inflammation in the sinuses," Gollehon said.

However, although health specialists say coronavirus has similarities to the flu, elderberry is not a cure or treatment for coronavirus.

"Because elderberry helps the immune system, if you test positive for coronavirus, there are not very many studies saying that elderberry is going to help it," Gollehon said.

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