Family has two cars stolen within hours of each other in Scottsdale

The Thanksgiving holiday took a bitter turn for one Scottsdale man who reported having two cars stolen on the same night.

Surveillance footage captured the alleged theft and now Jason is asking the public for help finding his cars and the person responsible.

"Kind of threw us for a loop. Messed up the whole weekend," Jason said as his family was geared up for Thanksgiving day and weekend.

They were about to load up the truck with an air fryer and a traditional meal and head up north to host family for the holidays.

But last minute, Jason had to put the breaks on the trip when his truck was stolen, saying, "My wife thought I was kidding when I said, 'Hey, where’s the truck?' And sure enough, we went and checked our security cameras and someone came and stole the truck at 2:30 in the morning."

Then just five hours later, surveillance footage shows what appears to be the same person coming back to steal their other car.

"I think we all know car theft happens, but I never in a million years would think I’d have two cars stolen in the same night," he said.

But not all was lost. Jason says after calling his dealer to make an appointment, he got an unexpected Thanksgiving gift.

"She called me back in 10 minutes and said, 'I’ve got you put up in a brand new Ford Expedition. Come over here and pick it up,'" Jason said of his conversation with an employee at a local Ford dealership.

The rental car may not have gotten him up north in time to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of his family, but Jason says just knowing that someone cared made his holiday all that much brighter.

"The Ford dealer had no reason whatsoever to help me. Just going above and beyond what they had to do and all things considering how much bad has happened, sometimes those little nuggets of goodness are really what you stick around for," Jason said.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000.