Family is hopeful for baby girl's prognosis after drowning, then coming back to life

An update on a one-year-old little girl who drowned at her home in Mesa offers hope for the family.

It was one week ago she was pronounced dead at the hospital, but then, she started breathing again.

Lilly's older sister, Amy Ahmed, says there's a number of reasons why her baby sister shouldn't be alive after drowning in a pool. But she is, and she's getting better after being pronounced dead twice.

She and her brothers were home the day everything happened, and she says it happened fast. The tragic accident happened in the middle of the family making plans to secure their pool area.

But for now, it's healing for Lilly with the family hoping for the best for the long term. Ahmed says they're going to do more tests on Lilly, but for now they're focused on letting her heal.

Here is a link to her GoFundMe page.