Family of teen mistaken for brother, shot with rubber bullet files notice of claim against City of Phoenix

The family of a teen who was shot with a rubber bullet by police in a case of mistaken identity is filing an $11.5 million claim against the City of Phoenix.

In January, police mistook Dion Humphrey for his older brother who was wanted in connection to a shooting during a violent armed robbery.

Humphrey's family claims Dion was hit with rubber bullets and flash grenades.

"I heard a loud explosion and started to run as I turn around I see another cop who pulled out a gun and shot me in my chest with a rubber bullet. I then fell to the floor," said Dion.

The family also claims officers physically attacked Dion.

"As I was on the floor with a bunch of weight pushed on me, I started to tear up and think it might be my last day," said Dion.

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Dion's family says he is developmentally challenged and has sickle cell anemia. They also claim the attack nearly cost Dion his life. They say he may need heart surgery.

"They shot him in his chest and as a direct result, his heart is now enlarged, leaking fluids," said William Humphrey, Dion's father. "They tased him in the leg."

Dion's family says he was questioned for several hours as he begged for medical help. Officers eventually dropped him off at home, and his family rushed him to the hospital. They say Dion spent nearly two weeks in the hospital.

The man police were initially looking for, Kahlil Thornton, was arrested in February.

FOX 10 has reached out to Phoenix Police, but we have yet to receive a response.

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