Family remembers teen killed in fire

A single candle still flickers at the memorial outside the Zuniga family's burned-out mobile home in Phoenix. The fire raced through the family's home early Sunday morning, they all escaped but for some reason, 18-year-old Javier went back inside to retrieve something. He didn't make it back out alive.

"I mean he loved his video games, school papers, trophies in soccer, I'm not sure what he was going to go back and get whatever it was, it was not worth it, it's not worth losing him," said Claudia Zuniga.

The Zuniga's owned the trailer and had lived there for 12 years. Mrs. Zuniga said they have lost everything, but it's the loss of Javier that breaks their hearts.

His mom says Javier was a good son, a good student, a good boy. He was enrolled at Phoenix College after graduating from Carl Hayden High School last year. He had a reputation for being really smart, scoring in AP tests at the highest levels.

Ramon Martinez was his calculus teacher and says Javier was gifted.

"He was one of those students who just gave and gave if he was doing something and a student said I need your help in physics, calculus, and he did that," said Ramon Martinez.

Since he was a very smart kid, he wanted to buy my mom a house; he wanted to buy my dad a ranch. Those were his dreams and goals," said Claudia Zuniga.

His family has started a GoFundMe account, to donate visit: