Fans bid farewell to Super Bowl Central as city officials reflect on its impact

Super Bowl 49 was a huge success and city leaders are already looking to the future in order to land another big game.

"The National Football League is really pleased with how everything went so we anticipate and will work toward hosting Super Bowl's as soon as possible," said Jay Parry with the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee. Jay Parry hopes Arizona will be in the regular rotation to host the Super Bowl. "The NFL invites 3 host communities to bid, so the next year that would be available would be in 2019, so we will wrap up this one and look forward to how we put our next bid together."

Super Bowl host cities have already been picked through 2018, so 2019, 2020, and 2021 are all possibilities.

"We had great feedback from the NFL, from all the visitors, all the sponsors, so we're really pleased with how it all went," he said.

Parry says so far looking back there were no major problems, nothing they would have done differently. Record setting attendance at the Super Bowl Central in Downtown Phoenix had public safety officials scrambling last Saturday night.

"We were no longer able to move traffic on Washington because the sidewalks could not hold the crowds," said Kevin Kalkbrenner with the City of Phoenix.

Officers shut down Washington Street and stopped letting people into Super Bowl Central.

"The crowd reversed directions, it started to flow and the police deployed their traffic pattern and everything began to recover," said Kalkbrenner.