FOR THE FUN OF IT: Escape Room Games gaining in popularity

Some people are paying to lock themselves away in a room, with a hungry zombie, for fun.

It's all part of the so-called "Escape Room Game"m where a group of people are locked in a room, and have to solve a complex puzzle to escape. Failing that, they will get "eaten" by a Zombie.

Sort of.

"You do have one hour to solve it and get out," said Emily Alley, General Manager of MindSpark Escape Game and Adventure.

MindSpark in Tempe is home to several escape room games. FOX 10 Phoenix's Kristy Siefkin tried out one of the games, and the challenges in the rooms are not easy.

There are complicated crosswords, arranging abstract puzzle, and digging for clues. All the while, players have to dodge a starving zombie that lives in a bathroom, tied to a chain. As the clock ticks, the zombie's chain gets longer, and it gets closer to the players.

Once the zombie touches a player, that player is out.

In the game, several keys are needed to escape. Siefkin managed to find two keys, but did not "survive" to find the third. Alley said very few players make it out alive, and for those who do, they keep coming back.

"You feel this sense of accomlishment when you've figured it out, and like, 'oh I got this and somebody else didn't,' and you really work together and its a fun time," said Alley.

MindSpark in Tempe has an escape room game in an abandoned subway terminal, and another with vampires in a witch's cabin. Each game costs $40 per person, and the games are recommended for ages 11 and older.