Friends, family show support for Yavapai County teen after Valentine's Day crash left her paralyzed

On Valentine's Day, six teenagers were hurt, following a crash in Yavapai County. As of Feb. 25, three of them are still in the hospital.

As the teens continue their recovery in hospital, one of their mothers is speaking out about the ordeal.

"It's been hard," said Kari Valena. "Never thought I'd see my daughter like that."

Valena's 14-year-old daughter, Kaylee, is paralyzed following the crash, which happened in Chino Valley. Valena says her daughter, along with five other teens, were driving fast down a dirt path when they lost control. One car was found upside down, which the other was on its side. Some of the teens were ejected from their seats, and three of them were airlifted to Phoenix Children's hospital.

Kaylee has been told that she will never walk again.

"She has no feeling from her belly button down," said Valena. "Her spine was completely severed."

On Feb. 25, Kaylee's friends and family gathered on the roof of the neighboring parking garage, holding up signs so that she and her other injured friends, could watch from the window.

As for Kaylee, she will be starting physical therapy soon, learning how to do some things differently.

"She's a softball player, so we'll figure out other ways of doing that," said Valena.

Valena says Kaylee is keeping her spirits up.

"They've been phenomenal for all three of these kids. I mean, the amount of love and support they've shown. I love my little town," said Valena.

Fundraisers for the injured teens

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