Friends make website for out of business restaurants to receive donations

It’s no secret that restaurants are struggling to stay above water during the global coronavirus pandemic.

But now, there is a sign of hope. is here to help valley restaurants. 

"The restaurant industry has been affected and hit hard by this pandemic and this crisis is a lot of restaurants are closed and never reopen," said Daniel Guerithault.

He and his college buddy created a way to help out. 

Signing up is easy. Restaurant owners just have to create an account at

An account will get created on Roma and from there restaurants can link or create a Stripe account, the payment processor, and Stripe will facilitate a secure transaction for restaurants to accept donations.

The restaurant will share their donation page to their loyal customers through social media or an email. Customers can donate any amount they choose with no limit. 

Guerithault says its treated like a debit or credit charge.

For Roma, the focus is on the employees who are suddenly without income and many not receiving tips like they normally would if dine in were an option.

"Many of them are not working and like you said the take out and delivery models don’t allow waiters to continue to earn a living," Guerithault said.

Roma isn't taking any fees or commission for donations. The only fees restaurants will encounter are the traditional credit card
processing fees.