Gas card skimmers on the rise in the Valley

A lot of people will be filling up at gas station be filling up at the gas station before hitting the road this holiday weekend.

Thieves are looking to take advantage of people at the pump.

The number of "skimmers", a card reader used to steal your credit or debit card information, is on the rise.

Thousands are expected to hit the road and pumps this Labor Day weekend.

That's why experts say it is critical to raise awareness of this rising problem.

According to the Arizona Agriculture Department, last year only 11 credit card skimmers were found at gas pumps. This year, it is a different story with 52 found so far.

"We've been out... Nearly 31 of these," said Arizona Agriculture Director, Mark Killian.

Experts say that people should first do research to protect themselves.

"When you go to fill up for gas...or go somewhere else."

Adding that one thing people never want to do is use their debit card.

Undetectable to the naked eye some companies are trying to stay ahead of skimmer technology, such as Sam's Club, where they use security tape that says the word "void" if tampered with.

Officials say that consumers should stay vigilant while at the pump, as a skimmer can be attached in the blink of an eye.