Glendale family sounds off as street racing takes a toll on their home

Street racing, or instances when hot rods take over valley streets and do dangerous stunts, shows no signs of slowing.

One homeowner in Glendale knows the dangers associated with street racing better than others, as his backyard was the scene of several crashes in recent months.

"I heard what sounded like an explosion," said Debbie Riester.

It was around 8:00 p.m. on Sept. 23 when Debbie and other members of the Riester family heard a loud boom coming from their backyard.

As it turns out, a truck had plowed right through the home's back wall, scattering debris everywhere.

"I saw this commotion and the dust and two men on the ground in a truck, and just craziness," said Debbie.

"If somebody had been in my backyard, they would have been severely injured, or killed," said Robert Riester.

Robert said street races happen every weekend near his home, which is located in the area of 91st Avenue and Cardinal Way, and he said he home has been damaged in previous incidents.

"Probably about three years [ago], there was a Cadillac going down the road that lost control, smashed into my wall," said Robert. "Virtually the same thing happened."

Robert and his neighbors said they have been complaining to the City of Glendale, and to the Glendale Police Department for years.

"There's been several times me and the kids have been out bike riding, and it's clearly a drag race," said Sheri Davis. "We've had to ride our bikes into the grass, 'cause we're so scared something is gonna happen."

"We recently found a bullet in the front of our house, and in November last year, a very similar incident occurred. A woman lost control of her car, went across the ditch and ended up through the front wall, halfway into our garden," said Helen Bartels.

Area residents say something needs to change.

"What happened to my fence is nothing compared to what's gonna happen in the future," said Robert.

We have reached out to officials with the Glendale Police Department, but they have yet to respond. As for the incident that happened at the Riester's home, the two men who crashed the truck, Robert says, were hurt, and taken to the hospital.

Police officials, meanwhile, have not confirmed any details at this point.