Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers recovering from heart bypass surgery

Officials with the City of Glendale say the city's Mayor, Jerry Weiers, is recovering from quintuple bypass surgery.

According to a statement, Mayor Weiers underwent surgery on Feb. 4, after he was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center on Feb. 1 following a visit to a local urgent care. Officials did not release any details on why Mayor Weiers visited urgent care in the first place.

According to a statement, the mayor is in "good spirits" about his future recovery.

"I can’t thank everyone enough for all the messages to both Sandy and I, wishing me all the best throughout this tough situation," said Mayor Weiers, in the statement. "I am also grateful for the surgeons and medical staff here as they have done an excellent job every step of the way."

Weiers, who is a cancer survivor, has been serving as mayor since 2012. Vice Mayor Ian Hugh is filling in for the position until Weiers returns, officials say.

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