Glendale Police release video from March brawl at Great Skate skating rink

Glendale Police released new video and details regarding the brawl that broke out at a skating rink back in March. 

The incident happened during a spring break teen night event at Great Skate, the chaos spilling from the rink into the parking lot. 

The videos have been heavily redacted because of the minors involved, but the chaos is able to be seen. 

Footage shows crowds of kids inside and outside when officers arrived at Great Skate. A riot broke out inside the rink with more than 200 kids. Groups of kids can be seen running towards the fight. Kids were injured inside, and many can be seen under arrest outside.

Bodycam footage released by Glendale Police shows one of the kids being tased. According to police, the officer tased the teen because he wasn't cooperating and even raised his fists at officers. 

Many of the kids left Great Skate that night and called their parents after walking to a nearby business.