Goodyear police: Non-verbal teen with autism left on hot bus for 3 hours

Goodyear police say charges have been filed against a bus driver after a non-verbal teen autistic teen was left inside a bus for several hours.

According to a statement by Lisa Berry, officers responded to Precious Home Services on the 13000 block of W. Van Buren at around 11:58 a.m. Tuesday. Precious Home Services is described as daycare for disabled children.

An initial investigation, according to officials, revealed that the bus driver, identified as 36-year-old Diana Salgado-Gutierrez of Buckeye, picked up several students and took them to school Tuesday morning. She then parked the bus but didn't follow exit procedures that require the checking of each row on the bus for passengers.

The teen was found after three hours and was taken to the hospital for heat-related issues.

Child abuse and endangerment charges have been filed against. Salgado-Gutierrez.

Meanwhile, officials with Precious Home Services said while the driver's actions were unintentional, she has been fired from her position.