Google self-driving cars involved in 3 crashes in Chandler

Chances are if you're driving in the Chandler area, you've seen one of these vehicles. Google is testing their self-driving cars on valley streets.

Last month, the Google cars were involved in three different crashes in Chandler, but don't blame the technology.

Google says three of its self-driving Lexus vehicles were involved in crashes during the month of August. During two of those collisions, Google says the drivers were manually operating the vehicles.

The crashes occurred on August 9th in the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Beck Avenue; August 16th at Ray Road and McKemy, where the driver was rear ended by another vehicle, which was traveling at 67 miles per hour. The driver of the other vehicle was later arrested for driving under the influence.

The third crash happened on August 22nd. According to Google, the driver who was operating the vehicle in autonomous mode, was rear ended while at a stop light.

Google began testing in Chandler this year to expand its self-driving program.

"It's a computer versus a person and it's just like playing chess with a computer, you're never going to win," said Ruben Benavides, who dislikes self-driving cars.

Some drivers still not thrilled with the idea of self driving cars.

"I mostly drive on the freeway so my concern would be them driving on the freeway because it takes a human element out of their decision to pulling in front of us. They see us as a vehicle not an 80,000 pound truck," added Benavides.