Hide and seek game turns into a nightmare for family

By Tamara Vaifanua, FOX News

SOUTH JORDAN, UT -- A game turned into a nightmare for a Utah family after an 11-year-old girl got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek.

"She loves to win, she's pretty competitive," said Nicole Rhoads.

Rhoads' daughter took a game of hide and seek to a dangerous level on Tuesday -- she snuck into a closet, and lowered herself into this stackable washing machine.

Rhoads was at work when she got the frantic call from her older daughter.

"Tell her to get out of there and she says she can't, she's really stuck. I heard my other daughter screaming in the background."

The girl's aunt was home and tried to pull her out.

"She was terrified. She actually thought she was going to die in there. She was so scared. Couldn't breathe, the agitator was pushing on her diaphragm," said Rhoads.

When that didn't work, they ran to the kitchen and grabbed butter, ice, and peanut butter.

"I guess all the stuff that gets gum out of hair gets kids out of washers. Then she was cold and said could you pour warm water on me so they put warm water on her," said Rhoads.

Nicole made it home. By then, her daughter had been in the washer for almost an hour, so she called 9-1-1.

"They realized they had to remove the dryer unit to be able to make better access to the washing machine," said Reed Thompson of the South Jordan Fire Department.

Firefighters arrived at the scene, armed with tools used in car accidents.

"They bought in the big tin snips they use to cut people out of cars, a lot of gas powered tools," said Rhoads.

Crews cut into the dryer, giving the girl enough room to wiggle out safely. Aside from some bruises, and sore knees, the 11-year-old is doing fine.

"I felt bad for her, but also at the same time I thought it was pretty funny, kinda laughing about it," said Rhoads.

Mom says her girl is more embarrassed than anything and won't be venturing in this spot again.

"Finding the sense of humor in a situation is so much better than freaking out about it and getting overworked. She's already learned a pretty big lesson."