High gas prices: There are a number of reasons behind the recent pain at the pump

Gas prices are surging across the phoenix area, and industry experts warn things will only get worse.

According to figures from GasBuddy, the average cost for a gallon of regular in Phoenix is $4.58, which is not far behind the averages for Los Angeles ($4.85) and San Francisco ($4.93).

As the pain at the pump continues, people have different theories as to what is causing the high gas prices.

"There’s price gauging going on, and we are just going to have to put up with it in the meantime," said one man, identified only as 'Peter.' "I try to consolidate my errands, and I try to run as few errands as possible, honestly."

"I'm kind of in a predicament. I got a small business, and I really can't afford not to be in places. I am all over town doing contract work, and so for me, I just have to bite the bullet and pay it, and its unfortunate," said another man, identified only as 'Aaron.'

There are a few reasons why gas prices are rising in Arizona. The state is transitioning to a summer gasoline blend, which is limiting supply as demand increases. On top of the price. Many states, including Arizona, also apply gasoline taxes that help fund roadway projects and construction. In Arizona, the tax is 18 cents per gallon, which is lower than the tax for California (54 cents).

Experts, however, do not predict gas prices to get anywhere near the high of $5.70 that was reached in June 2022.

A gas gun at a gas pump.

A gas gun at a gas pump.