What's fueling Arizona's high gas prices?

It's getting downright ugly at the gas pump. The average price of gas in Phoenix is now over $5 a gallon and Arizona is about 30 cents above the national average. Dennis Hoffman, an economics professor at ASU, has more on why our state is one of the most expensive spots in the country to buy gas.

Who's responsible for setting high gas prices

Oil prices have moderated a bit since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but gasoline prices have remained at near-record levels. For those who wonder why, it's because there's money to be made. Those profits though may not be going where you imagine.

Newsmaker Saturday: Jacqui Heinrich, Court Rich

Part 1: White House reporter Jacqui Heinrich has the latest on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Presient Biden declaring Vladimir Putin a war criminal. Part 2: With the urgency to bring down gas prices, FOX 10's John Hook talks to Court Rich, co-founder of the Rose Law Group, about where does that leave the push for green energy.