Holiday lights repairs after Valley hit by storm overnight

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The Christmas lights are coming out, and people probably have noticed it in their neighborhood. However, after Thursday night's storms, some residents may have to literally pull the plug on their Christmas lights.

"I am waiting for phone calls, emails or text messages from my clients," said Spirit Lighting owner Brandon Gage.

Gage said the calls usually come in the night after a big storm.

"Most likely, it's going to be the GFCI," said Gage. "They're going to pop, which is a very simple fix."

So, what do you do?

"Basically, wait a day for it to dry out, got back to the outlet," said Gage. "Press that little reset button, and you're good to go."

If that doesn't work, Gage said people should call the experts. Also, if you like to put up your own holiday lights, remember that water and electricity don't mix well.

At all.

"If you notice certain areas in your lawn, in your yard, backyard, that typically get more water, pools up or even your sprinklers, if it ends up being a wet area, just keep power cords away from that area," said Gage.

Experts say many Christmas decor companies get so busy after Thanksgiving that many of them are overwhelmed. If people call ahead in September or October to schedule their Christmas lights installation early, many companies offer a pretty big discount.