How to stick with your new year fitness resolution

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- For many people, new year means the start of a new year's resolution, despite research showing that 80% of resolutions fall flat.

"I not only see a spike in January, but today in particular. I've seen a good amount of people here today. Yeah, parking lot was full," said Chad Conley. Conley, who works out regularly and has stuck to his fitness goals, says the new year's rush typically dies down around March.

At a Lifetime Fitness in the Valley, Tuesday was "Commitment Day", and rather than focusing on the resolution, they want people to focus on the long term goal, and work on making a lifestyle change. Manager Kris Machain says it's their goal to make sure gym goers stick with it.

"We have our core three philosophies," said Machain. "It's our holistic approach to health and fitness, and what we do with that is we try to create integrated solutions with our members, so if they do have hurdles that they can't overcome, we help support them through those."

Both Machain and Conley have some advice for anyone looking to get fit in 2019.

"At the end of the day it's behavior modification," said Machain. "When we're meeting with our members and coming up with solutions with them, we're trying to help them overcome those barriers that might prevent them from coming in. Whether it's education, accountability, or motivation."

"I kind of make it part of my schedule, like a Monday through Friday thing, and then, I give myself the weekends to kind of let go and have fun," said Conley.

Machain says the biggest motivation is results, so if you stick with it and start seeing results, it will motivate you even more to keep working towards your goals.