Hydrate from a needle? More Phoenix area businesses offering IV hydration

As the excessive heat continues, some in the Valley are spending big bucks to stay hydrated.

On top of drinking water and getting electrolytes, many are getting IVs. The hydration therapy is on the menu now at most med spas.

It’s a busy night at Units Injection Spa at Camelback and Central.

"There's definitely been an influx with the, with the heat customers," owner Lavaya Pristo said.

Customer Karie Pietrykowski came in for a pick me up during our excessive heat.

"I work out a lot, I'm really physically active, and with the heat being as high as it has been lately, I felt like adding a bit of hydration to what I normally am taking in is important to keep my body healthy and going," Pietrykowski said.

With each drip, they feel a difference.

"We can only take in so much, but having that extra oomph to perk us up, keep us going to keep doing the things that we enjoy," Pietrykowski said.  "Yeah, I definitely notice a difference."
It is date night for Bruce Bang and his wife.

"It’s immunity, vitamin C, B complex, zinc, glutathione," Bang said.

Pristo has lived in the Valley her entire life. The former emergency room nurse has seen a lot throughout her career.

"This summer it’s definitely worse," Pristo said.

She says about 10 people a day, book an IV appointment at her spa.

"We've been doing it for years, but this summer has been the busiest for IV’s because of the record-breaking heat," Pristo said.

The process takes about 45 minutes, and the cost starts around $160 and goes up to about $300

People are still working out, hiking, with that being said, the IV’s are life-saving for sure," Pristo said.

Besides med spas that offer IV therapy, there are also several businesses that just offer IV’s as well as mobile IV companies that will come to you.