Kids learn about classic cars at Hagerty Test Garage

The stakes are high and the heat is on. This is one car auction that is hot and the bidders are about 115 fifth graders from Tavan Elementary School in Phoenix.

"It's all about giving them access to these fun cars, teaching them about them, a bit of why this big, crazy auction week is so special," Tabatha Hammer said.

Hagerty is a car company based out of Traverse, Michigan and the core business is insurance. Company reps are in town for the car auctions to teach kids about the classics, like this 1913 Bugati and about the industry.

"We learned that you can make cars out of recycled materials," one child said.

"I learned that we can get old cars, make awesome cars," another child said.

"What are you learning about?" we asked.

"How they would like get dents out of cars," another child at the event replied. "You use a special hammer, then you bang on it lightly."

"We so often put these cars on a high pedestal of value and at the end of the day, what makes them so special and valuable is that they're fun and the kids need to experience that," Hammer said.

The representative from Hagerty says this experience could lead some of the kids into a career in the classic car field. At the very least, it introduces them to a whole new world.

This was the second year for the Hagerty Test Garage.