Kurt and Brenda Warner surprise Valley family with furniture for new home

It's that moment when you walk into your brand new home and head for the movies but realize there's so much more to see.

"I don't know, it just felt like, 'Oh my God,' I don't have to worry about that anymore cause I was worried about that," Amaharanta Robles said.

Since 2001, former Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda, have surprised dozens of valley families in need. Habitat for Humanity builds them a home, then the Warners make it even more beautiful inside -- a great Thanksgiving tradition.

The surprise for Robles and her family was that every room in their new Habitat for Humanity-built home was decorated and furnished, thanks to a few local celebrities.

"We've had so many families that come in and they're so excited about the home ownership, but they have no idea how they're going to fill the home," Kurt Warner said. "They're like, 'we don't have any stuff, we don't have the means to buy a bed.' They were going to come in and sleep on the floor."

Kurt and Brenda have decorated 40 homes, just like this, with their First Things Foundation and the help of Aaron's Furniture stores.

Single parents like Amaharanta have a special place in their hearts.

"Single moms rock, I mean single parents have so much on their plate," Brenda Warner said. "I was a single mom when I met Kurt. So, I've walked in their shoes and I know that you just want someone to hear you, to see you, to help you."

Amaharanta and her three children are now leaving behind the one room they all once lived in for something new and beautiful, just in time for Thanksgiving.

"Hopefully a lot of food around and hopefully my families will come over and be thankful for everything," Robles said.

First Things First Foundation - kurtwarner.org