Laveen community gathers to remember school principal who died following crash

On Nov. 3, a community in the Laveen area of Phoenix is coming together to honor the life of a beloved principal who died after a car crash a week ago.

"I was devastated. I couldn't understand why," said one woman.

Lisa Sandomir, who was the principal of Maurice C. Cash Elementary School, was in a car crash on Tuesday, Oct. 26, and died the next day.

A big crowd of parents, students, and staff members gathered at the elementary school where Sandomir worked as the principal for the past 16 years to remember her life, as well as the legacy she left behind.

"She made this school what it is. She did. She was the backbone of this school. I don't know what will happen now," said parent Misty Williams.

"She meant a lot to a lot of people in this city, and I am going to miss her a lot," said another parent, identified only as "Sugar."

Sandomir was involved in a car crash that happened on Broadway Road, just west of 75th Avenue. Prior to her death, she was recognized throughout the district and the state for receiving Arizona's highest honors for a principal, and under her leadership, the school was named as an A+ School of Excellence.

Most of all, people are remembering Sandomir for her kindness.

"She did a lot for our community," said Williams. "She made sure we had food. She made sure we had school clothes. She called when the kids weren't coming to school. She would offer rides. She did a lot."

"She cared for all the students here. She believed kids had hope, like her voice on the announcements was the most memorable part about her. Of there was ever any violence out in the field, she would be the first one to stop before it ever got out of hand," said Sebastian Macisa, a seventh-grader.

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