Lori Vallow: Defense lawyers for 'Doomsday Mom' file new motion to delay Arizona trial

Lori Vallow

Defense attorneys for Lori Vallow, the woman known as the so-called ‘Doomsday Mom,’ have motioned to continue her trial in Arizona.

Vallow, who was found guilty of killing her two youngest kids in Idaho, is accused of conspiring in the murder of her former husband Charles Vallow and attempted murder of her former nephew in law. Public defender Gerald Bradley is asking the judge to move the trial date from August 1, 2024 to February of 2025. Bradley says that Vallow "does object and continues to assert her speedy trial rights", going on to say that the continuance is necessary to provide her competent representation at trial, according to the motion.

The defense argued that the discovery in the state’s case against Vallow is one of the most voluminous in any case that anyone on the team has ever come across. The motion states there are over 100,000 pages to review as well as substantial body camera footage, videos, and expert evidence to review. Vallow’s counsel is also waiting for evidence relating to immunity agreements.

Vallow’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow, was shot and killed in a Chandler home in July of 2019. The shooter was Alex Cox, who later died in December of 2019 due to natural causes. Cox is Lori Vallow’s brother and claimed self-defense, saying Charles fought with him and hit him in the head with a baseball bat. The backstory entails bizarre Doomsday beliefs shared by Lori and her then-boyfriend Chad Daybell, accusing Charles of being possessed by a dark spirit that needed to be cast out according to evidence presented in both Idaho trials for Vallow and Daybell.

Charles Vallow

Prosecutors also argued that Charles’ one-million dollar life insurance policy was a motive for his estranged wife. In October of 2019, Gilbert police investigated the shooting at the home of Brandon Boudreaux, the ex-husband of Vallow’s niece Melani Pawlowski. Investigators believe Cox was the shooter who missed Boudreaux by inches as he pulled into his driveway. Trial evidence also revealed that Vallow and Daybell identified Boudreaux as a dark spirit.

The State has listed around 45 witnesses for trial. Bradley also called media coverage of Lori Vallow’s case "over-saturated and consistently prejudicial", going on to say there will be a substantial amount of litigation the defense must use to make sure Vallow gets a fair and impartial jury.

Lori Vallow

Vallow’s defense counsel is "nowhere near completing necessary review" and respects her speedy trial rights but does not believe they can competently represent her at trial with the "current lack of preparedness."

A status conference on Vallow’s case will be held on July 2, at 8AM in Maricopa County Superior Court.