MADE IN ARIZONA: Family-run business molding steel for companies worldwide

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- One Valley-based, family-run business is molding steel to send around the world.

The shop has been cutting steel for decades, and it has continue to expand internationally. It is known for its hot-forged industrial fasteners, and these products are very important.

"We manufacture large hot forge fasteners for industrial applications," said Bret Halley, COO of Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Co. It is a Valley-based, family-run business that is hoping to attract the manufacturers of the future.

"There is a continuous need for individuals that can do this," said Halley. "Jobs are open here in the Valley for manufacturing."

The company trucks in pure U.S. steel, and fasteners are made, one by one, at the shop in Phoenix. Then, they're shipped all around the world, holding structures like mines, bridges, and cranes together since the 70's.

"We forge the finished product," said Halley. "We forge, CNC machine, heat treat, we make the entire fastener out of raw material here on property."

If heating, cutting, and crafting steel excites you, Halley says maybe you should give the trade a try.

"These types of individuals, they just have a knack for building something, and they want to be involved with more than just service," said Halley. "They see the box of bolts on the floor they manufactured and say, 'hey, today, I started and I knocked 800 of these out.'"

While it's no easy task, Halley says it's both fun and rewarding.

"You get pretty tired by the end of the day, but there's a great accomplishment in manufacturing in the United States," said Halley.

Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing