Made in Arizona: Valley business makes food trucks their specialty

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - They've become a common sight on Valley streets - we're talking about food trucks. In this week's Made in Arizona, we meet an Arizona business that's made food trucks their specialty.

Food trucks are Tony Berti's specialty. He and his team build them, fix them, and brand them.

"You want to build one, you want to remodel a truck, you want to start from scratch," said Berti with Phoenix Food Truck Builders. "Everyone wants a food truck, especially in Arizona. It's such a great spot to have festivals and do catering. The people are nice [and] everyone is hungry."

Berti says he saw a great need in the community, so Phoenix Food Truck Builders was born - back in 1958. Today, more and more families are moving from brick and mortar to mobile.

"It's mom and dad or father and son working these trucks now," Berti said.

The shop makes eight to 12 brand new trucks and trailers every month, all of which are up to health code. They even teach new entrepreneurs how to run a new business on the road. If you have an issue, you can call anytime and they'll come to fix it.

"From start to finish, whatever you want - we're there for you," Berti said.

Berti made Shoshana Hanson's idea come to life. The Dusty Rose Tea Cart hits the road in July.

"With my creativity and his knowledge of how to put it all together, it was perfect," said Hanson. "It was seamless, actually."

Going for the Hollywood glam look, Hanson says it's all about getting the full experience.

"The combination of the menu items plus walking up and it looking pretty and feeling pretty," Hanson said. "[As well as] looking great in pictures at your events."

From start to finish, building these trucks and trailers takes about three weeks and at least $26,000. But you can't put a price on a dream.

"Whatever you guys are dreaming, I can build it," Berti said.