Maricopa County dispels video claiming election workers are 'breaking seals,' and 'removing memory cards'

Maricopa County is setting the record straight about social media video making the rounds claiming election workers were "secretly testing" election equipment.

"Have you seen this viral video? The people sharing it are lying to you. So here we go, defusing a new election ‘bombshell’ that’s a lot like the old ‘bombshells,'" the county said in a tweet on May 30.

Those reposting the video claim footage shows election workers, on a live stream, were "secretly testing" the tabulation equipment ahead of the 2022 election. A caption in the video says it shows workers "breaking the seals and removing memory cards."

During elections, the county provides a 24/7 live stream of the tabulation room, like all other Arizona counties are required to do by law.

The county responded.

"Facts: If it was a secret, why did we livestream it? That's the opposite of secret. People interested in the facts can find those in our May 10 court filing," the county said.

The election workers were seen conducting the "installation of new memory cards which happens in each election."

You can find more information on voting laws, policies and protocols for Maricopa County here.