Maricopa County health officials detail how schools will receive PPE for COVID-19 protection

In a news conference on July 29, Maricopa County health officials announced how they're preparing to help schools to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools are slated to reopen on Aug. 17, unless Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announces otherwise.

Health officials say they are providing the proper supplies for children to safely go to school as more than 1,400 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits were distributed to public, private and charter schools throughout Maricopa County. 

These kits contain face shields, surgical masks, gloves and gowns and are designed by school nurses and staff to safely respond to those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, explains Robert Rawly, director for Maricopa County Emergency Management.

"In addition to starter kits, the unified command will be purchasing 750,000 cloth masks which will be distributed to schools to request them. 505 one-gallon jugs of disinfectant and 25,000 bottles of hand sanitizer are also being purchased to keep on hand to distribute to schools if needed for emergency disinfection needs,"  Rawly said.

Schools aren't the only entities receiving help from the county. 

County officials say more than 2 million pieces of PPE have been distributed to first responders, long term care facilities and private healthcare providers since April 7.

The county emphasized if there are entities that need PPE, you can put in a request here.