MCAC uses social media to find pups new homes

At Maricopa Animal Care and Control, there's no shortage of Chihuahuas up for adoption.

"They're often overlooked because there are so many, so what can we do to set them apart, to make them stand out, that's what the Facebook page has really grown into, it's got kind of a cult following," said Melissa Gable with MCAC.

The Facebook page is called "Chi Town" and it highlights the pups housed at the facility with weekly photo shoots.

They even dress the dogs up in costumes to bring out their unique personalities.

"Sometimes it really is just a matter of putting them in a different situation, giving them a chance to show their behavior in a different situation where it's not so stressful," said Gable.

Gable says the page so far has more than 5,000 followers and is bringing a lot of attention to Chihuahuas trying to be adopted.

"A couple of weeks ago we did Chi Town career week, we had one that was a mailman, one that was a firefighter, one that was a chef, and so we do themes, and so it's kind of gimmicky, but that is the whole point," she said.

It turns out using social media is a good way to get these pups seen by a lot more people all around the world.

"It's funny, you see some of these photos, and you see what the dogs are doing it makes you smile, it makes you laugh, and then eventually those dogs find homes," said Gable.

For more information visit the Chi-Town page here: