Mesa aerospace company opens $9 million expansion, hires hundreds of employees

An aerospace company in the east valley is growing fast.

Able Aerospace in Mesa, a company that repairs parts for airlines all over the world, is expanding their operation.

It started as a company that would help repair parts for small business jets and helicopters. Now, they've grown into an international operation and it is all so they can keep people in the air flying.

"We support airlines all over the world from Asia Pacific to Europe to Africa and domestic airlines," said Michael Vercio, the general manager of Able Aerospace.

Instead of replacing a part, an engineer will repair it.

"We provide a lot of repairs for parts on those helicopters and aircraft that allow us to keep the cost down for customers," Vercio said.

They fix parts for helicopters, Boeing 747's and even the U.S. government. And the need for their work continues to grow.

To keep up with demand, Able Aerospace added on a $9 million, 50,000 square foot addition and hired plenty of engineers, too.

Right now they have over 450 employees, and over the next several years, they plan to add over 200 more jobs to their fast growing operation.

"When it comes to growing Able, we are very excited about it," Vercio said.

The facility is backed up to the Gateway airport, and they are located next to other aerospace companies. This gives them valuable feedback, which they say is part of their success. Because of this proximity to others, it is attracting the best in the business right in Mesa.