Mom behind now-deleted YouTube channel indicted on multiple child abuse charges

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Officials in Pinal County say a 47-year-old woman behind a now-deleted YouTube channel has been indicted on multiple counts of child abuse by a grand jury.

According to a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Machelle Hobson was indicted by a grand jury on multiple counts of kidnapping, child abuse, and aggravated assault against five victims.

Hobson's two adult sons, Logan D. Hackney and Ryan D. Hackney, have also been arrested on multiple counts of failing to report the abuse of a minor.

Court documents previously released by Pinal County provided graphic details into allegations of child abuse leveled against Hobson. Seven children were removed from the home, according to the documents, and via forensics and physical exam, DCS investigators discovered allegations that Machelle pepper-sprayed one female child and her siblings all over their face and body.

Court documents also alleged that the children made mention to having to take part in Hobson's YouTube channel, and were disciplined if they do not recall their lines, or do not participate as they are directed to. The children also stated that the YouTube channel was one of the reasons Hobson took them out of school, and said they have not been in school for years.

The YouTube channel has since been deleted.

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