Monsoon rips through Falcon Field Airport, flipping planes, damaging buildings

Falcon Field Airport in Mesa sustained some serious damage after a strong monsoon storm blew through the area overnight.

Several roofs were ripped apart in Tuesday night's storm. Some planes overturned, and others were blown across the tarmac.

Many of the hangars in the airport held historic World War II-era planes. Even some of the trees planted in the area - which are now uprooted or broken - date back to the 40s.

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A monsoon storm damaged planes at Falcon Field in Mesa on Sept. 12. (Dan)

One plane that was tied down had its chain break during the storm, sending it across the runway.

It's still not clear how much damage was done to the airport, but one pilot estimated that it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to repair the planes.

Falcon Field Airport: