Monsoon season making way for Valley landscapers to have a busy week

Following the monsoon season, landscapers have their work cut out by getting rid of weeds in the Valley.

With the humidity, rain and soggy soil, landscapers say they have more work than last summer.

Eli Hall, owner of AMS Landscaping says, they have had calls week after week.

"Weeds grow so fast it’s literally, I make a video every time it rains really hard cause we start getting calls a week later and then two weeks later it’s insane, then three weeks later it’s like ok it’s gone too far," Hall said.

Hall says he and his team are backed up from the heavy monsoon rainfall that flooded parts of the Valley.

"We’re just getting a crazy amount of calls for weeds that just growing from the rain germinating because of the weather we had," Hall said.

Hall says the workload has been more productive than last summer.

"This year has been a lot more productive for us and of course it’s better just better for the environment to have moisture in the air."
Hall advises the best way for those looking to avoid weeds is to pre-treat it with an herbicide.

"You are not having have to put down the weed treatment afterwards to kill the weed, it is just better to prevent them from ever occurring." 

Hall says he expects to continue working on these weeds throughout August and even into September.

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