Monster Jam surprises teen in honor of Down Syndrome Acceptance Month

A Valley teen received a surprise of a lifetime on Thursday, as he got up close and personal with a monster truck.

It's safe to say Thursday is a day Christopher Fisher, 15, will never forget, as he was surprised with a 12,000 lbs monster truck that showed up at his school, Phoenix's Cortez High School. The surprise coming from Monster Jam and Gigi's Playhouse, a non-profit that helps people with Down Syndrome.

The driver of the monster truck, Brianna Mahon, also showed up for the fun.

"I think it's awesome," said Mahon. "You know, everyone on this world is special in their own unique way, and I think they get to see the world in a different perspective. They see the love and the joy, and monster trucks just bring love and joy to everybody at every age."

Fisher's mother, Christy Baruso, said she was blown away by everyone's kindness.

"I feel tremendously excited," said Baruso. "My heart race is probably in overdrive right now. This is super excited. This is like an event of a lifetime."

Besides the show, Fisher and his friends were also invited to watch Monster Jam "Crush it" at State Farm Stadium over this weekend.