Mother mourns death of son over cell phone

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Phoenix Police are looking for a suspect, in connection with the shooting death of a father of two.

The man was shot in front of a McDonalds near 19th Avenue and Baseline Road, over a cellphone. The victim is identified as 34-year-old Eric Hernandez.

"He gave me a beautiful hug and kiss, as he always did, before he went to his grandmother's house to go see his grandmother, and I can cherish my baby's last kiss and it's very hard to know that I'm not gonna have that each and every day anymore," said Hernandez's mother, Cathy Gallegos. She is now pleading for the public's help in finding the suspect.

Hernandez had just bought food from the fast food store when a man asked if he could use his cell phone. Hernandez handed it to him, but the man ran off, so he chased him. Police say that's when the suspect turned around and shot Hernandez. Hernandez died at a nearby hospital.

"It's the most senseless thing anybody can do, to take a person's life for material things," said Cathy Gallegos. "I keep thinking, looking at the door that my son is gonna walk in the door and say, 'mom, I'm home', and it's not gonna happen, and I can't understand it still."

Gallegos says her son would do the kind deed again if he could.

"For a complete stranger to ask to use his phone to make an important call or whatever, wouldn't surprise me in my son to do something like that," said Gallegos.

Hernandez leaves behind two teenage kids. Gallegos says Hernandez worked as an electrician to provide for his family. Now, she's hoping for justice and prays the suspect is caught soon.

"May the Lord bless him and change his ways, so he doesn't hurt anybody else out there in this world," said Gallegos.

On Friday night, Gallegos and others gathered at the very spot Hernandez was shot. A memorial has been set up there, filled with the colors of Hernandez's favorite team, the 49ers, along with candles that lit up the parking lot.

Meanwhile, the mother of Hernandez's two children are speechless with tears.

"Broken-hearted, empty, upset that my kids will no longer have a dad and this guy's walking away freely," said Evonne Moreno.

Anyone with information should leave an anonymous tip by calling Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. Spanish speakers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Testigo Silencioso at 480-TESTIGO.

Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, llame a la línea de Testigo Silencioso (480-TESTIGO, 480-837-8446).

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