Navajo Elementary School students taken to temporary campus following fire

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- While there's no reopening date for Navajo Elementary School in Scottsdale, after a fire prompted its closure Wednesday, the school has a backup plan so students won't miss out on class time.

Classes were cancelled Wednesday at Navajo Elementary, after a fire broke out in a storage room at the school.

"Water damage is all around the area. There smoke damage in three different classroom buildings, so it's not safe for teachers and students to be there," said Nancy Norman with Scottsdale Unified School District.

On Thursday, the 400 students who attend Navajo Elementary were moved to a school campus three miles away.

"We're going to Oak," said one girl.

"I feel kind of nervous," said one boy. "I would rather be at Navajo."

"They were quick and they got everything figured out," said one father. "I'm pretty proud of them. I mean that's a lot to move, a school in a day."

An email went out Wednesday that classes would resume at Oak Learning Academy. On Thursday, as students arrived on campus, so did reinforcement. Principals, teachers, and members of various PTOs from the Scottsdale School District dropped off whatever was left behind.

"We're making sure they get supplies that are smoke free, and our kids are going to be fine," said Margaret Serna, principal of Tavan Elementary.

District officials say the students will continue to use classrooms at Oak Learning Academy, until Navajo Elementary School passes inspections and is safe for them to resume classes there.