Neighbors react to historic neighborhood fire

It was a fire that began with a transformer explosion, and led to a raging fire that burned through a valley neighborhood near 26th Street and Thomas. A house was destroyed, and trees in the area were ignited.

Now, people who watched as the flamed burned near their homes are speaking out.

"We saw, like, fireworks after the big explosion," said Juanita Sanchez. "It did seem like the 4th of July that got us all scared, and we all started running."

Residents in the Homesteads neighborhood said their power went on and off repeatedly Tuesday afternoon, and said that at around 5:00 p.m., a massive fire erupted, burning several garages and storage units in a home near 26th Street and Pinchot.

"The garage we could tell was burning back and then moving towards the front, and the garage doors on the front started burning through," said Kyle Shormer. "That was the first time I saw flames but there was a lot of smoke before that."

The homeowner said the blaze started as a small fire in an alley behind his home. SRP said the fire climbed a power pole, and set a transformer on fire.

"I saw a projectile go straight up in the air like a rocket," said Joe Trujill. "I said, 'wow' and then about a second later, I hear boom, a big explosion."

Over 600 customers lost power as a result, with many unable to turn on the lights or the TV set, until midnight.

"We had to go to a restaurant close by to watch the election coverage, 'cause we were out of power," said Shormer.