New twist in bizarre murder and kidnapping plot over inheritance

FOX 10 is learning more about a bizarre case involving threats of murder, kidnapping and sex slavery.

On August 18, FOX 10 reported on the arrest of 36-year-old Ross Paul Emmick. Ross was arrested on August 14, and is accused of theft by extortion, stalking, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and computer tampering.

An investigation began in March 2020, when officers received information from the victim that Ross was threatening him, and that there was an order of protection in place. Officers later found out that Ross and his brother have received inheritance money from their grandparents, who have passed away.

"The argument has been that the defendant does not believe that the victim should have received any money," read a portion of the probable cause statement.

By August, the victim called police once again, saying Emmick sent hin an e-mail. A portion of that e-mail, as included in court documents obtained by FOX 10, contained graphic details where Ross wrote that the victim's children will be subjected to sexual abuse and torture.

Ross, investigators say, also told the victim to meet with him in order to stop people from killing the victim's family.

Family secrets revealed

After the story aired on August 18, the youngest brother of the family reached out to FOX 10, saying he had no idea he had brothers until he was a teenager. It's a secret the family never spoke about, until the suspect showed up at their doorstep.

"Ross just showed up at the door one day and asked where his dad was, which threw me off," said Patrick Emmick.

Patrick said he learned that he had siblings when he was 14. Nearly 30 years ago, his father gave all rights for Ross and another brother to be adopted.

"When he met with my dad and learned of the inheritance, he changed his last name back to Emmick," said Patrick. "He was never adopted back."

Probate documents allegedly modified

Patrick says he knew about the family's trust fund his entire life, but figured his father William and uncle Gary would be the beneficiaries. After they passed in 2010 and 2016, Patrick believed it would be divided by the widows and the sons.

Patrick says, however, his brother had other plans. 

"He tried to get some forms notarized for Power of Attorney, and the witness on the original, which was a housekeeper, said that they were in a stable condition and mentally, they weren’t, and even the notary had said that," said Patrick.

FOX 10 has obtained documents related to the probate case that ended in March, splitting the remainder of the trust fund between the three brothers. There were visible changes to the documents, with names scratched out and replaced by the name Ross Emmick, signatures by the grandparents, and a notary.

"He was the one that forged all the paperwork. He’s forged every bit of paperwork. The original wills the name is scratched out that’s the original will it was written to my uncle gary and my dad bill they’re both gone.

Patrick says his grandparents were not in the mental state to make those decisions. In fact, documents show both had dementia.

In January 2019, the grandfather, Jim, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. In the same month, both moved to a retirement community in Gilbert.

Two days later, Ross moved them into his home. Ross produced documents in court, showing the trust was amended to benefit himself, and the deed to the house was signed over to him for $10.

"Why do you think he wanted all of that?" Patrick was asked.

"He’s greedy," Patrick replied. "Money changes people ridiculously."

Documents: Suspect spent thousands in casino trips

Documents shown in court reveal that Ross spent thousands of dollars on multiple casino trips after the death of their grandfather, even writing two checks to himself, totalling $25,000.

"From the accounting that was shown, Casino Arizona showed $467,000 in two months, and they were multiple charges," said Patrick.