New Valley non-profit bakes cakes for deserving children

A national non-profit that delivers cakes to underprivileged kids, and kids in foster care, has started a chapter in Arizona. 

"I love baking, I always have, I bake a lot for my friends and family," said Jodi Shaw, a volunteer baker For Goodness Cakes. 

But the cakes Jodi makes is different, they go to a child she's never met. 

"You don't have to be an expert, you just have to want to do it," says Shaw. 

Shaw is one of about 175 volunteers who bakes cakes for the non-profit For Goodness Cakes. 

"What we do is merge agencies that serve foster and underserved children with volunteer bakers to build birthday cakes for their kids," said Leslie Nilsen, with For Goodness Cakes Arizona. 

Leslie Nilsen started the chapter here in March, and so far they've delivered over 200 cakes to kids who might have gone without a birthday celebration. 

"The thought of a child not being celebrated on their birthday is just heartbreaking, and when I heard about For Goodness Cakes, I knew I had to be part of it," said Nilsen. 

The volunteers have to go through an orientation and a class on food safety. They can then pick and choose a time that's convenient for them to bake. Most times, the volunteer bakers never get to see the kids they're baking for because of security reason, but they say the thought of brightening someone's day is enough for them.

"Those delivery drives, I'm so happy because I know they're going to be excited, I know I would be excited if someone were bringing me cake," said Shaw. 

If you'd like to get involved, they're looking for more volunteer bakers. And even if you aren't a baker, they're looking for donations as well. Click here for more information.