Nightly Roundup: New round of monsoon weather; latest in Penn. prison escapee manhunt

From an Arizona woman's tale of caution after she nearly died following surgery to the latest round of monsoon weather to hit the Valley, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

1. Arizona woman's tale of caution after surgery


Phoenix woman nearly dies after getting plastic surgery in Mexico, and she's not alone

A woman in Phoenix trusted that she found a reputable plastic surgery clinic in Mexico, but soon learned that she was part of a group of people coming down with a deadly infection. She started seeing patients pass away one by one and hoped she wasn't next.

2. Deadly incident on the I-10


Person killed along I-10 near Chandler after being struck by a semi-truck, DPS says

A person is dead after being hit by a semi-truck along I-10 on Tuesday night near Chandler, authorities say.

3. Monsoon storm struck parts of Phoenix


Monsoon 2023: Latest updates as parts of Phoenix area see rain, dust

We are tracking the latest round of monsoon weather to move into the Valley, as well as warnings and watches issued by the National Weather Service as a result of the storm.

4. Latest on the Pennsylvania escaped inmate manhunt


Danelo Cavalcante manhunt: Search perimeter shifts again in manhunt for armed escaped killer

A homeowner fired several times at escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante when he broke into his home and stole a .22 caliber rifle Monday night, officials confirmed as they continue to intensify the manhunt for the now armed murderer.

5. Woman details chaos amid Ed Sheeran concert cancellation


Ed Sheeran concert chaos: Phoenix native speaks out after safety issues prompt cancellation

A Phoenix native is recounting what happened on Sept. 9, when her daughter, along with many others, fell ill while waiting in the heat for Ed Sheeran's concert in Las Vegas, only for the concert to be cancelled. The singer said a safety issue involving two tall towers led to the show being cancelled.

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