North Phoenix community starts holiday decoration display on side of the road

A community in north Phoenix is hoping to make a holiday tradition out of a Grinch's mean act.

In the beginning of November off the Carefree Highway and about a mile west of seventh avenue, someone's big chair fell off their vehicle. It landed conveniently where it became a community staple.

People took funny pictures with it, posted them to Facebook, but after three weeks, the chair was gone.

And that's where Jeremy Krause comes in.

"I thought a Christmas tree would be a fun little addition to the corner there," Krause said.

A Minnesota native who is clearly a fan of all things Christmas is trying to spread a little holiday cheer. But this tree and someone else's didn't last long before being vandalized.

So Krause moved what's now called a 'Holiday Display' here about half a mile up the road. Four trees are up so far, and people are bringing decorations, chairs, presents and even installing solar panels to make it light up all night.

And now they're dubbing it the Care Tree Highway.

"It says that even for something as simple as this, we can come together for a holiday," Krause said.

There are no problems as this no location and Krause wants to make this display even bigger. He's encouraging anyone in the area to bring decorations that represent any holiday.