Outdoor Christmas decorations banned by North Phoenix HOA

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It's not just package thefts that can kill the holiday spirit. Residents of a condo complex in North Phoenix said their HOA has banned outdoor Christmas decorations.

The decision was announced in a notice, telling homeowners they are not allowed to put out any decorations on the outside of their homes.

"I feel sad that we come into ours, which is usually lit up with beautiful decorations, and there was nothing, so it did kind of feel a little sad," said Lorene Jarvis.

"Everybody here pays for HOA," said Jeff Howard. "We should be able to put up what we want, and decorate the property we own."

Lenore and Jefrrey Culliver's Hanukkah decorations, along with the wreaths that were seen around the Pinnacle at Desert Peak, are in violation of the HOA's temporary policy. Due to a large painting and stucco project underway, decorations of any kind on the outside of the units are not allowed.

If you break the rules, there is a fine.

"$100, and every 10 days that you keep it up, it's another fine," said Jarvis.

FOX 10 called the Pinnacle HOA, and their attorneys sent us an explanation of the new policy.