Owners claim dog saved from sticky situation

UPDATE 8/13/15 10:30am - The Arizona Humane society says Abby has been claimed by her owner. Her real name is Mia, and she's on her way back home. The owner had photos of Mia and lives near the warehouse where Mia was found. The dog went missing about a month ago and her owner has been checking lost pet websites and searching shelters for her ever since. When she saw her dog on the news, she knew that it was Mia and she arrived at the Humane Society when it opened at 9 am this morning.

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - At four pounds, tiny Abby got into big trouble when she wandered into a warehouse in South Phoenix.

She stepped in a glue trap that was laid out to catch rodents and workers called the Arizona Humane Society Emergency Rescue team.

"From the looks of it, she was so exhausted and so out of it that she looked like she had passed out," A. Gallo of the humane society, said. "I went running up to her and she took one breath, just one breath and I thought 'Oh, I couldn't believe it.'"

The glue on the traps is thick and sticky. Once Abby stepped in it, she was in serious trouble.

"This completely submerged in glue, both feet, she had glue packed into her nostrils," he said.

He quickly asked employees if they had any kind of oil. Chunky peanut butter was all they could find, but that did the trick.

Once back at the humane society, workers had to shave Abby to get all of the glue out of her fur.

"Everything, all of this was just a mass of glue, so they immediately got out the clippers and tried to free up her mouth," Gallo said.

Abby's before and after pictures are astounding.

She's a survivor and very sweet, Gallo adds.

"She comes up soft, head down, body low and comes in with little kisses and if you open up your arms, she climbs right in them," he said. "I don't understand why she was even down there."

Gallo says the traps are inhumane because when an animal gets stuck, it lays there and dies slowly.

He says the humane society's Working Cat Program is perfect for warehouses and houses with rodent problems.

As for Abby, she goes up for adoption on Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Arizona Humane Society's campus at South Mountain.

For information on the cat program, click here.