Pack to School: supply fundraising drive underway at Fry's Grocery stores

Pack to School, it's only mid-summer but some kids are already preparing for the school year, but they need your help to make sure they're ready.

It's an act of kindness to get kids ready for school.

Sharon Hill is making sure other kids get joy while ready for school by donating supplies.

"And glue, they always have to have glue sticks," said Sharon Hill.

After raising kids of her own she knows how expensive it can get for parents.

"Very expensive, very expensive, so by donating it really helps, I just don't know how kids do it today without it... it's not just pencils and some glue, it's a lot more these days," said Hill.

Fry's Grocery Stores across the nation are collecting school supply donations in boxes inside the store.

"For a family that you know is struggling paycheck to paycheck it really makes a difference to be able to have that expense covered for them," said Melany Stroupe.

Stroupe works with the Salvation Army and says the donations will be given to 30 low-income schools across the valley.

"We really encourage people to come out, and when they go to the grocery store, when they grab their milk, eggs, just grab a couple extra supplies and put them in the bins, we will make sure they get to the kids," said Stroupe.

Once you pay for the items you can drop them in the box before you leave. You have until July 26, to support the effort.

In years past, 10,000 backpacks have been donated along with over $500,000 in school supplies.