Parents, grandparents bringing kids out to see growing McCain memorial outside mortuary

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Memorials continue to grow all over the Valley for Sen. McCain, especially the one outside of the mortuary where the senator's casket is being held.

At the mortuary, people continue to leave flags, flowers and notes expressing their feelings for the late senator. The memorial has been growing since McCain was brought there.

"Just want to pay our respects," said Angelique Gastelum, who brought her 15-year-old son, Isaiah, to see the growing memorial. "John McCain was a very good man, served his country well, and he's a man that's going to be missed. Just wanted to bring him by so he can show his respect as well, and in the future when he has his kids, he can talk to his kids as well."

Other parents, like Kate Thoene, brought her 10-year-old son, Adam, out to teach him about the life and legacy of the late senator.

"I like learning about him because I like the military," said Adam. "How he got captive for five years, I didn't know that, but that's kind of sad."

Thoene says future generations can learn a lot from someone like McCain.

"It's about sacrifice and doing things for others and doing things that are bigger than yourselves and that's a huge lesson for kids," said Thoene. "It's not all about you, and John McCain, to me, really exemplified that."

Edna Miller brought her granddaughter, Kierally, out to pay their respects.

"She wanted me to remember it, but I cant," said Kierally.

"She was five years old and she doesn't remember it, so I want her to remember this. We're going to talk about this everyday," said Miller.

Miller made two stops at the funeral home today, but it was her first stop this morning that will make a lasting impact. She snapped photos of McCains wife, Cindy, admiring the growing memorial and thanking some of the Honor Guard members who were there. This, along with McCain's dedication to his country, is something she'll never forget.

"He's done a great deal for our country and the patriotism, and we need it," said Miller.

The Honor Guard members will continue to stand guard, 24 hours a day, until McCain's casket leaves.