Peoria middle school teacher granted award by national publisher McGraw Hill

A Peoria Unified School District teacher is being recognized by national education publisher McGraw Hill.

Teaching has been difficult these past few years as educators and students have had to navigate ever-changing situations during the pandemic.

However, Cece Jacobs, who teaches math for 6th and 7th graders at Cheyenne Elementary School, is doing what she can to make adapting to these changes easier.

As part of her students' curriculum in the classroom, Jacobs uses an online program called ALEKS, which supplements what she teaches.

"ALEKS has been a big tool for us in math, and there's just been such evident gaps right now in learning right now in the pandemic," Jacobs said. "Us having a tool that helps us close them in addition to our Tier 1 instruction is incredible."

Jacobs was nominated by one of the administrators at her school, who saw how seamlessly she was able to integrate the program into her class.

It helps some students get caught up with the material while challenging others who may have picked it up a little easier.

Jacobs was happy to be recognized by her peers and McGraw-Hill, the creators of ALEKS. She received a $1,000 donation from the company to be given to an education-focused nonprofit of her choosing, as well as $250 in books for professional development.

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