Phoenix Art Museum goes virtual amid COVID-19

The Phoenix Art Museum has been closed because of the pandemic, but they're getting creative in offering people to see their works of art online.

"Right now, we are developing a number of new programs we are presenting online," said Tim Rodgers, director of the museum.

Rodgers says they've had to get creative over the past few weeks to still bring art to their patrons.

"I think it's challenging for all art museums right now because we're dependent on an old model, which is to have people come in and view the art in person," Rodgers explained.

Now, people can have a close-up look at some of their exhibits from home. In some respects, this gives art lovers even more to love.

"How many times have you been in a museum, and you've been looking at a work of art, and you just wish there was an expert right next to you to tell you more about it or to answer your question?" Rodgers said. "This is really our opportunity to reach out to the audience and help them better understand what we do, and why this work of art is important enough to put into a public institution and put it on display."

The Phoenix Art Museum is also using their website to feature local artists.

"Artists are among the most who are suffering the most during this pandemic," Rodgers said. "Their careers are often very dependent on people being able to see their work, obviously, so this is our way of helping them present their work to the public."

While it's not the same as an in-person experience, it serves as a good way to pass the time during the pandemic.

"Online experiences aren't perfect yet, they're not the same -- but nonetheless, when we're sitting at home kind of thinking about what we're going to do particularly in this heat, it's nice to go to the computer and see some beautiful art," Rodgers said.

The virtual tours are in Spanish and English, and Rodgers says this is something they'll more than likely keep and expand even more after the pandemic.

Visit their website: