Phoenix family waits for father's return, as he is deployed with Task Force 1 to Florida

As Arizona's Task Force 1 help out those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, there are friends and families in Valley who are keeping a close eye.

Monday marks day 17 for Task Force One, of what was supposed to be a two-week mission for Hurricane Harvey. Now, for 10-year-old Marshall Zeable, 8-year-old Emma Zeable, and 6-year-old Zachary Zeable, they miss their father, Phoenix firefighter Marshall Zeable, for a variety of reasons.

Zeable was deployed Task Force 1 to Houston. Instead of coming home, he and the team was diverted to help with devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

The Zeables is proud of what Marshall is doing.

"He's happy to be there," said Jessica Zeable. "We looked at it from an excited standpoint, instead of he's not going to be here."

Jessica said the family is used to her husband being called to disasters and fires when he's needed.

"As a family, this isn't our first rodeo," said Jessica. "This has been great, because he's been able to call every day. We've had face time. The kids have been able to tell him their news if they got an 'A' on a Spelling test or lost a tooth."

Zachary, the one with the loose tooth, said he's sure his dad will be back by the time the tooth falls out.

Jessica says she watches the news closely about the hurricanes, but said for the most part, families don't spend a lot of time worrying about their loved ones.

"We're really confident in the training of men and women and safety first, so we're not afraid for them," said Jessica. "We know they're the best of the best."