Phoenix nonprofit hosts nationwide bartending competition benefiting hospitality workers

According to Pew Research Center, one in four Americans are employed in jobs that have been affected by the pandemic, with a large number of those jobs in the service industry.

"Our industry is in such a tough place," said Travis Nass, co-founder of nonprofit Another Round Another Rally. "After this year, there's a lot of jobs that haven't come back."

Another Round Another Rally is a nonprofit that works to help those in the service industry with emergency assistance and personal development.

"We went into brainstorming mode and tried to figure out how we could help the industry that we love so much," Nass said.

They began taking applications for those needing assistance, and what they found was overwhelming.

"We were getting applications at the rate of more than one a second," said Nass.

Through fundraising efforts, the organization raised $3.5 million dollars last year and has begun helping those affected by the pandemic get back on their feet.

"It's everything," Nass said. "Rent, food, keeping the lights on, healthcare needs."

Now, the nonprofit is preparing for another big virtual fundraiser where bartenders from across the country will go head to head in a choreographed cocktail-making extravaganza.

Christian Devon Jenkins will be participating here in Arizona, and he says he's proud to be competing and raising funds knowing that it will help many people.

"We have another person having your back, we're not going to leave you high and dry and leave you to fend for yourself," Jenkins said.

The virtual fundraiser will be taking place May 23 at 5 p.m.

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